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Proper Church Fashions? Find Tips On Godinterest

This  is a guest post by Paula Mooney. It first appeared in LuckMag and is published here with permission of Paula  to whom we are grateful.

Woman s Fashion Godinterest

This  is a guest post by Paula Mooney. It first appeared in LuckMag and is published here with permission of Paula  to whom we are grateful.

The other day I was thinking about the time when I was in the basement of my old church attending some sort of training session for us “leaders,” as churches are apt to call volunteers who are led like sheep to the slaughter into ministry work. I had donned my favorite white sweater, one composed of yarn that was knitted or crocheted into a pattern that allowed small rectangular spacing in between each section. I wasn’t crazy – I knew I’d be spending time around some holier-rolling-than-thou saints – therefore, I probably wore some kind of tank top underneath. (Unlike the time I wore the same sweater to my former job in California with just a bra underneath, and my female boss at the time kept glancing down during our conversation.)

Woman s Fashion Godinterest2

But back to the church basement. All of a sudden, this older geezer of a man sidled up next to me and chimed, “Are you cold? Are you cold?” Before I could even open my mouth to begin to formulate an answer, he responded for me to his own inquiry. “The reasons you’re cold we’ve already discussed,” he said, proudly referring to a discussion the teacher had just had with us members about appropriate church attire. I couldn’t tell if his statement reflected genuine grandfatherly concern for his “sister in Christ” or a kind of Pharisee-like creepiness.

Either way, I probably could’ve found some guidance for dressing in the fashion section for women on, if the site would’ve existed back then. Years later, at a different church, I’d find myself being admonished a bit more gently and less directly in another ministry meeting, all because my cute white t-shirt with the “blinged-out” bedazzled cross on the front was apparently a little too fitted.

Ah well”¦church fashions may always be a point of controversy, especially in light of all the hubbub surrounding famous Christians like Erica Campbell and Meagan Good lately, two beautiful women whom I believe dress just fine for the entertainment industry. Besides, I hate it when some places of worship go overboard with talk about women “tempting their brothers to fall.” At least some are progressive enough to ban the men from wearing muscle shirts. At least they realize that some of the men’s Christian fashions we uncover can be just as provocative:

Men s Fashion Godinterest10

Okay, back from that trip to muscle-land.

My main point is that I’ve learned that dressing for church might have evolved over the years, but no matter what, just because you wear a skirt down to your ankles doesn’t mean you’re not a sinner in need of saving, and simply because a bit of dcolletage shows doesn’t mean you’re in a hand basket heading to hell.

Following the unction of the Holy Spirit guides us into what’s really proper attire for us to wear – whether it’s for a Sunday morning service, a Saturday night contemporary celebration, or any other day of the week. In the same way that God looks upon the heart, it’s more important to start there in gleaning where a person’s coming from, and not sum them up in one judgment based solely on their wardrobe.


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In the last days they will heap on themselves teachers, having itching ears, so they would believe a lie and be damned!

False prophets in the name of pastors are everywhere nowadays and they are peddling blatant lies to congregations that are unaware that they are following wolves in sheep clothing.It is quite sad that the church of today does not read the bible so they can know the truth for themselves and that is why so many are being so fooled!

Amen! There is a so-called church near where I live and one Sunday the preacher came out in just his underwear. He said God lead him to do that to show that it didn’t matter what a person wore to Church. I will have to call him a lier because my Bible says to cover your nakedness!

Nice post.I agree,it is not just about what we wear on Sunday when we go to church,its about how we dress every single day because as Christians we are supposed to live for God seven days a week.I think that at the end of the day we should have our boundaries guided by the word of God and the Holy Spirit on what to wear and what not to wear.

I love this post. I go to a fairly relaxed church with a lot of teens and young adults. I have never been told what to (or not to) wear to church, and yet I know that I dress appropriately. So I don’t think its something that can be locked into certain rules but more something that people get a feel of. It’s what you’re comfortable in and sure, there are people in ‘Sunday best’, but there’s also a lot of people in jeans and t shirts and hoodies. Everyone is respected because everyone is there because they want to serve and worship God. It’s as simple as that.

I believe the Church is evolving, i love what you’ve written and it shows how the Church has been laghing behind. There is hope though :) Here in the Philippines in our Chapel (Sto. Niño de Paz, greenbelt) it’s become a bit more acceptable since most of the attendees in Mass are from work or from the mall. The clothes should never be a hindrance but i guess what we can think of would be the part where people get attracted to you rather than on their prayer, beyond that its all good :)

I don’t believe that it’s just the thing we wear when inside the Church. In fact I know it’s not:
1 Timothy 2:9

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
Romans 6:19
I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.

What applies to women applies to men as well.
At a nearby church in the area that I live in the preacher came out one Sunday in just his underwear stating that his point was that God didn’t care what we wore to church as long as we came.
Thank God I have never even been inside of that church if you want to call it a church! The people I’ve seen go again where whatever strikes their fancy evidently. The music that is played during “praise and worship” sounds like a rock concert and the young people gather at the foot of the podium/stage and dance like Beyoncé is performing. I have heard the excuse used that we have to change the structure of the church service in order to win the young people! That is a lie straight from the depths of hell! Years back in the beginnings of this country the church music was not changing ( in other words they didn’t have the local bar band playing the latest hits ) and yet young people were brought to salvation!

Nice post. I’m a Christian and I attend an Apostolic, old fashioned church. Growing up there, I’ve had my share of ‘honey that dress is too short,’ glares and stares and at first I didn’t like it. I almost grew bitter because of it for the simple fact of other females come in there as if they just left the club and no one approached them! But as I matured I learned that they were just looking out for me and didn’t mean any harm plus the other females didn’t know any better. My dress WAS too short and sometimes I wore things that were risky. I believe everyone should come into the house of the Lord presentable. This generation is allowing so many things that these kids are somewhat confused. If we just lean on to leaders who preaches the Word of God and don’t judge by appearance, we wouldn’t have to worry about judgmental people, just pray for them.

I wasn’t sure what the meat of this post would entail but I found it amusing :) I’m extremely relaxed in my dress code, other than at work where I’m destined to khaki’s Mon-Thurs, but have jean Friday’s.

I used to attend the church where the majority of my Bible study also attends and it’s relaxed, come as you are so-to-speak. The pastor wears “work-casual” while up on stage and one of my fellow Bible study friends who sometimes attends there takes issue with it saying that he won’t be taken seriously because he’s not suited up. We have gentle disagreements over that, lol.

He would argue (pastor and attenders) must wear their Sunday best when presenting oneself to His Highness claiming it was a show of respect and honor towards Him.

I’d wear hoodies and jeans and say He loves me no more or less than you. I’d also prod the discussion by asking if he wore the same clothes every Sunday, because what he wears “this Sunday” would be his best, then if he wore something different “next Sunday” that WOULDN’T be his best, unless he’d get 52 new outfits per year.

Needless to say it was a moot argument. Everyone has their thoughts on the subject and everyone thinks they’re right. I believe it boils down to what’s on your heart.

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