The Joker and Real Reasons Why The Media Hates It

The problem with ‘Joker’ and the mainstream media is the movie is not useful to them. Mostly in the left-wing community, this movie was a waste of time and money. They just couldn’t use it. As a result, it MUST be blacklisted. 

Nowadays if the movie doesn’t have progressive themes, it’s considered a loss immediately by the left. This community must be able to use every form of media to push forward whatever narrative they’re towing that day. And for that, ‘Joker’, starring Joaquin Phoenix must pay. It must stand as the media’s example to Hollywood directors everywhere that if you make a movie that cannot be used exclusively for the progressive themes of this country, many of which go against Biblical principles, it will be demonized to the point of no return. Don’t believe me? As of 9:30 a.m. Oct. 4, 2019, these were the headlines:

· ‘Joker’ hits movie theaters with controversy and extra securityIn this narrative, the media created a theme that it would incite violence. Yet, people went to see other action movies this year with just as much violence.  

· Why ‘Joker’ became one of the most divisive movies of the yearWhen they don’t want you to see a movie, it’s labeled ‘divisive’.  David Chapelle’s Sticks And Stones received the same label because he challenged everything you’re not supposed to make fun of: All the progressive narratives. 

· Joker review — the most disappointing film of the yearIn the final narrative, the media now just says it’s horrible. They’d prefer you don’t see it at all because it’s “Just that bad.”

The problem with this pattern is that it has become very, very obvious to the movie fans. If there isn’t a LGTBQ presence, a female lead or supporting female lead role, a minority lead role, a progressive theme that can be discussed on all the media outlets that match with a worldview, it’s useless. ‘Joker’ addresses mental health and the failure of a government support system. People can easily relate to a man who faced an uphill battle from birth and matured into something he probably didn’t set out to be, but accepted as his fate.

Weeks earlier IT: Chapter 2 was released and there were no alarms of threats in theaters. There were no concerns of mental health and all the elements that surround that topic. Why? Why no outrage. It could be used.

****Spoiler Alert: Stop reading here if you haven’t’ seen IT Chapter 2. ****

The movie opens up with a group of young men bullying and assaulting a gay couple. And there it is. Follow the headlines and you can make the connections to the theme so easily that IT was a poster for the quest to fight bullying, especially against the homosexual community. It could be used, while entertain at the same time. It bore a mark. 

The Bible clearly explains this would be the times we would endure:

 “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” -Revelation 13:17 

The text tells us that for people to buy or sell during the time of the Beast, there is a choice. Notice the conjugation “or”. There is a choice. A person, company, brand, can either have a mark, know the name, or the number. In my personal opinion, these are codes or signals to alert one another. It’s not surprising to interpret the text in such a way. Christians used to draw fish on the ground to identify with one another.

Let me end by saying this: I went and saw The Da Vinci Code because I wanted to know for myself the content and context. I would recommend you do the same. You cannot trust movie reviews no more than you can trust just one news network. There is a war going on out here, and the Spirits of Darkness know that media is the quickest way to influence, indoctrinate, and activate many of their divisive tools that go against God.

These are the same people who will be lining up to see Terminator: Dark Fate. I love the Terminator movies, but you’ll see a different media response, and now you know why. Don’t be sheep. 


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