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What are your gifts? Do you know?

Afterwards, when the pastor said, “thank you Laura, you are gifted” I must admit, I thought, gifted? I had to work so hard, it didn’t feel like a gift at all.

Walk In Faith

Praying Like a Rock Star

Why do we like Rock Stars? And why do so many want to be one, but never get there? Rock stars become stars- because they hit the nail on the head (somewhere) they are hitting on what people are feeling, experiencing, wanting & desiring! Yesterday I asked the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me”¦Yes […]

Christian Thought

You are not insignificant!

“When People say they have “no need of you” and you are God’s representative, it’s often their loss, and not an indicator that you have been disapproved by God.”

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Are you in a Storm right now?

I was rescued by God. There’s a song out right now, “He’s my rescuer.” What does it mean to be rescued, and what does it take? Here’s a part of my story……….