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Team Work

As the football season begins, the thought came to mind in regards to teamwork. Your destiny is too big to accomplish things on your own. God has already arranged for certain people to come alongside you and speak faith into you. He has already placed in your path people who will inspire you, challenge you, and help […]

Elevated Faith

Let’s Celebrate God

While traveling I get confused by Christian congregations who look sad and miserable as if the have hope. Even in worship our time to celebrate our God for who He is and what he has done we take the non biblical stance of silence, uniformity and in action. I remember after Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan scored […]

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Let’s Get Excited About Our Faith

Talking about your faith with others isn’t always the most popular topic amongst young people. Fashion, football and music are more popular. Most youth are not excited when talking about faith. Feeling that if they share their faith with others, people at school, uni or on social media will think they’re weird. So they do […]

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Patrick Mahomes: A Second Chance

Young Chiefs quarterback rebounded from a nightmarish opening in the Super Bowl against San Francisco 49ers to make the plays when they mattered most

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Put On Your Garment Of Praise

It’s a mistake to wait until you’ve no problems, fewer problems, or your problems are solved before you praise the Lord.

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Taquarius Wair – My Physical Disability Doesn’t Hold Me Back

Inspiring story of Taquarius Wair – a high school football player who was burn over 55% of his body. Taquarius never gave up on his dream to play and is playing college football next year!


How Much Credit Does Jesus Deserve for the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII Victory?

Some in the sports media are unhappy that NBC sports analyst Tony Dungy often slips his Christian ideas into his sports analysis. However, many of these same reporters have no problem praising athletes for their anthem protests and political activism.

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75 of the Most Inspirational Leadership Quotes

Sometimes all the inspiration you need to guide your team successfully can be found in a few simple words of wisdom.

No one can deny the power of a good quote. They motivate and inspire us to be our best.

Tweet them, share them, but most important, use them to help you become an even better leader than you already are.