Elevated Faith

Your Fear Is Not From God

As we reflect on 2020, so many people have missed out on God’s abundant life of joy, peace and victory because they have lived in a spirit of fear. They are afraid to make a decision, afraid to confront issues, afraid to step out, afraid of the past, afraid of the future, afraid of racism […]


The Joker and Real Reasons Why The Media Hates It

The problem with ‘Joker’ and the mainstream media is the movie is not useful to them. Mostly in the left-wing community, this movie was a waste of time and money. They just couldn’t use it. As a result, it MUST be blacklisted.  Nowadays if the movie doesn’t have progressive themes, it’s considered a loss immediately […]

Biblical Studies

The Two Most Annoying Things About ‘Revelation’ Commentaries

It’s always in the first few pages. Every author does it, though I’m sure some are ‘asked’ to do it by their publishers, though they would rather keep it out of their books. Some people may not be annoyed by it, but for me, it’s one of the most frustrating things about commentaries on the […]